MIB is founded by Madhan, which aims to be equipped with musical instruments required for corporate shows and musical concerts.

Madhan is a renowned Bass guitarist whose practice has been since two decades and has played for almost all South Indian Playback singers. He plays for their shows across the world Also, he works as Musician Manager for Oscar award winning Music director, AR Rahman.

MIB means?

MI stands for Musical Instrument; Backline stands for the musical instrument which will be placed on stage- ready to play.

Vision of MIB

Madhan envisions to create a phenomenal music instruments hiring company which brands the most preferred and loved instruments for any musician. MIB and its team will be the point of inflection for a seamless and stress free shows for an artist.

What We Do

Hiring instruments are wonderful, why?

Well, we all know about the baggage that we are loaded with when it comes to showbiz. A musical show/ concert is nothing less than a fest.

Given this situation, every instrument weighs around a couple of kilograms to 45 kilograms, also the artist/ musician needs to be concerned about the functionality of instruments after the travel, Madhan thought, why not hire the instrument rather than carrying it around!


Air travel is a cakewalk as one need not weigh the baggage and be worried about excess baggage payment that is chargeable by weight.

Musicians can now focus only on the show and performance. No more worries about logistics, functionality and safety of the instruments.

Team MIB takes complete charge of setting up the stage for play and ensures hassle free wrap up after the show.

How does Team MIB function to help the show?

Instruments are highly qualitative and their functionality is assured

Team MIB takes care of the setting up the stage for play

Musicians and artists stay tension free as the protection of instruments from rain or shine is looked after by the team

Setting up, quality check and wrapping up of the instruments is handled by MIB